A few WORDS go a long way to simplify your move


Labeling boxes is an important part of the moving process.  It is worth the extra time to plan ahead.  Visualize your new home and pack boxes for each room, a selected cabinet, or storage area.  Label boxes with a basic description of contents and the room that you want the mover to place them in at your new home. Even if you don’t have your new living arrangements finalized, you may pack and label your boxes with the current room and number them with a numerical priority for unpacking.


The more organized you are on the front end, the less stress you will have upon delivery.  For example, bedding or pots and pans will most likely be a top priority, while seasonal decorations would be very low on the must unpack list.


We suggest using a permanent marker for labeling the cartons.  Write on two sides of each carton.  A common mistake people make is only writing on the top of the box. When boxes are stacked high,  you won’t know what is in them.  You should also write in large letters and keep it simple.  You can make smaller notes for yourself, but the room and brief description should be large.


Books, Office (old college books)

Files, Office, (medical paperwork-2021)

Kitchen, Pantry (Canned Food)

Kitchen, Glass (Pyrex Cooking)

Dining Room, China (Grandma’s Fragile)

Master Bedroom, Bedding (Sheets & Pillows)

Hallway Closet, Bedding (extra sheets)

Garage, Tools (Everyday Use)

Attic, Holiday Décor (4th of July Décor)


For the really OCD people (you know who you are), you can purchase pre-printed color coded labels on-line.  A more affordable option would be to use shipping labels to print and place on boxes.  However, most movers and customers keep it simple by using permanent marker on the cartons.


One final tip for packing up for your move; steer away from buying additional plastic storage totes for the move.  They do not stack well on a truck and could crack in cold weather.  It is also necessary to tape the lids to secure them in transport.


Contact Emrick’s Van & Storage, agents for Allied Van Lines to customize your move.  We have moving consultants ready to help you navigate through the moving process.