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FF&E Storage Facilities in Oklahoma City, OK

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FFE Storage Facilities in Oklahoma City, OK

At Emrick’s Van & Storage, we go beyond providing services for conventional commercial moves. We also specialize in F&FE and OS&E storage, which means we have the experience and expertise in putting together fixtures, furniture, and equipment that saves our customers a tremendous amount of time while decreasing stress. We also safely store items until the customer is ready to do something with them.

Whether you need professional FF&E service for just one piece of equipment in your restaurant or hundreds of cubicles to accommodate employees at your new office location, we have the right qualifications. For furniture, fixtures, and equipment, we have a specialized team that handles every aspect of the job.


Full-Service FF&E Specialists

As part of our FF&E services, we deal with all sorts of tasks, including hanging artwork and menu boards on walls. However, there’s a lot more involved, all at a competitive price. If you recently had a dining room, lounge, or bar remodeled, you can contact us at Emrick’s Van & Storage to clean up all the debris. We recycle the items we remove as much as possible and dispose of everything else according to current laws and regulations.


Secure FFE Storage Facilities

If you have a remodel planned and you anticipate using the majority of items once the contractor completes the job, we’ll store them on your behalf at a state-of-the-art warehouse facility. With our FFE storage solutions, we help a broad range of businesses and industries, including corporate dining facilities, break rooms, residential healthcare food services, fast food and franchise operations, commercial kitchens, cafeterias, and more.

To put your mind at ease, we rely on an innovative barcode asset management system. With that, we keep track of every item that we remove or store. For the goods that you need to put in storage, we have a cutting-edge climate-controlled commercial facility combined with an advanced warehousing system for receiving your furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

To make things even easier, we have an online system for our FFE storage that allows you to look up the barcoded items. That way, you can better plan as to what you need to purchase, what you want to get rid of, and the items that we can recycle on your behalf. At Emrick’s Van & Storage, we want our customers to remain in control while receiving stellar support.


Contact Emrick’s Van & Storage

When it comes to the installation and commercial storage of fixtures, furniture, and equipment, there’s usually a tight deadline you have to adhere to. Contact Emrick’s Van & Storage today, we’ll work with your schedule to make sure our experts perform the work correctly, safely, and on time.