The Difference Between Movers & Brokers


Before Planning Your Move, Discover the Difference Between Movers & Brokers in Oklahoma City, OK, Enid, OK, & Surrounding AreasWhat is the Difference Between Movers & Brokers in Oklahoma City, OK & Enid, OK

Moves can be completed in several ways. Have you heard about both movers and brokers? You will know what movers are, but what is the difference in the services that brokers provide? Who you choose can impact your move in different ways so let’s see the difference between movers and brokers.


Moving Brokers

The first step to talking to a company about your move is to check if they are a broker or actual professional movers. A broker completes the sale of your move but is not the company that handles or completes your move. Essentially, your need for movers is a service sold to a bidding moving and storage company. Then a selected moving company will complete your move and the broker does not assume responsibility for your belongings during the move.

If you decide to find your movers via a broker, we recommend you follow these tips:

  • The broker provides the materials: “Ready to Move” and “Rights and Responsibilities.”
  • Receive a list of movers the broker works with.
  • A written agreement and estimate are provided from the movers themselves after visiting on-site.
  • The brokers operate from a physical office location.
  • The movers are Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) registered.


The Risks of Hiring Brokers

A broker means you are not picking out your own moving and storage company. This can result in receiving services you do not expect or receiving a quality you do not want. When choosing a moving and storage company on your own, you can find reputable movers with good reviews and services that fit your exact needs. Sometimes a broker cannot sell your move due to their movers’ availability so your move can be delayed.

No matter which way you choose, there are many ways to get a move done. Use the U.S. Department of Transportation: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Movers Search to check if your potential movers are registered with the FMCSA. With these tips and links, you can start planning your move right away.


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