Professional Moving Companies’ Ultimate Office Moving Checklist


The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist From Professional Moving Companies in Oklahoma City, OK, Enid, OK, & Surrounding AreasProfessional Moving Companies’ Ultimate Office Moving Checklist in Oklahoma City, OK & Enid, OK

Planning a move for your office will take a lot of time and thinking ahead to get it underway and to have things running smoothly. Organization, communication, and planning are key here. To start, here is Emrick’s Van & Storage’s ultimate office moving checklist to see how you can start your office move.

  • Moving Folder – Create a shared moving folder to store all documents, receipts, checklists, contacts, timelines, budget details, notes, quotes, and spreadsheets for the move.
  • Communication – As soon it is confirmed that your office will be moving, notify your employees first and in person. Discuss the relocation and provide letters to each staff member with all details about the move.
  • Create an Inventory – Create or update your office’s inventory to see what will be moved, thrown away, donated, or updated.
  • Moving and Storage Estimates – Start meeting with professional moving companies on location to discuss your move, estimate, and schedule. Be sure to review both the new and current office. Once your estimates are complete, select the moving and storage company for you. While meeting professional moving companies, look for a company that carries the proper insurance coverage and can provide a Certificate of Insurance to your property manager. Also, it always a good idea to make sure the company does employment background checks, drug tests, has a good reputation, good responsiveness, professional memberships, and comprehensive estimates.
  • Notification – Start notifying clients, suppliers, business partners, customers, your landlord, the bank, and utilities of the move. You will need to complete a change of address at the bank as well.
  • Pack – Plan your move ahead of time and pack on a timeline with professional movers’ help or together with your employees.
  • Before the Move – Book elevators, get parking permits and confirm your move with the movers a few days beforehand. Collect and cancel all employees’ passes and keys to the old building.
  • Celebrate – Host a lunch or welcome back the office party to celebrate the hard work of the move with your employees.

While these are many steps, these tips will help you organize your office move. From packing, informing all parties involved, and checking in on your employees, there is a lot to do. Start planning for your move and prepare for a streamlined process.


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