Tips for Reducing Moving and Storage Stress


Dependable Advice on How to Reduce Moving and Storage Stress in Oklahoma City, OK, Enid, OK, & Surrounding AreasMoving and Storage in Oklahoma City, OK & Enid, OK

Residential and commercial moves both have so many steps, things to remember, plans, and more. It can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t have help with your move. This is where professional moving and storage services, like Emrick’s Van & Storage, can come in handy so learn from our helpful tips on how to reduce moving and storage stress in no time.

  • Organization – Moving is a great opportunity to take stock of what you have and see what you can get rid of. Downsize as best you can so there is less to move and so you can free yourself from some unwanted clutter.
  • Control – There are certain parts of a move you can control, and then there are others you cannot. Focus on what is in your court: make sure the packing is done ahead of time, take your time picking out professional movers, selecting moving and storage services, and more.
  • Planning – Plan ahead to avoid rushing in the end. Create a timeline so you know when to start packing, when your moving day is, and more. Having a roadmap before you begin can greatly reduce any stress.
  • Breaks – On moving day or when packing, you will probably have the urge to get it all done in one go. That’s great motivation but be careful and schedule some breaks. You do not want to exhaust or stress yourself out by thinking you must rush. Take your time and take a break when you need it.
  • Professionals – Do you need help? Professional movers are trained to streamline your move every step of the way. Moving and storage services can handle every part of your move for you so you can move into and enjoy your new location in no time.

Emrick’s Van & Storage has one final suggestion to help manage the moving process.  Make the moving company one of your first calls in the moving process, not your last.


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