Business Movers’ Ultimate Business Moving Checklist


A Moving Checklist for Your Business from Professional Business Movers in OKC & Enid, OKBusiness Movers in OKC & Enid, OK

Moving any successful business or office space is a challenging task. People, technology, furnishings, and security must all be addressed, not to mention the need to continue running your business throughout the process.

Making lists is an efficient approach to get started on any large job or assignment, especially if the list is provided by professional business movers and divided into smaller sections. This might assist you in remembering all of the critical data and following the proper procedure. And doesn’t it feel wonderful to check off the completed items?

  • Make a Strategy – When are you planning to relocate? Is there a specific order in which items must be moved? Should this occur during business hours, when it may interfere with our billable hours/client work?
  • Examine Rental Contracts – Is there a deadline for you to leave? In what state are you expected to exit the building? Do you have to leave any assets? Your business movers can engage with landlords or realtors to ensure that all expectations and agreements are honored.
  • Consider Technology – Unless you’re a time-traveling businessman, your office makes use of technology. In fact, it’s possible that your company is entirely reliant on computers, software, WiFi, and other pieces of office equipment. When relocating your company, you’ll want to minimize downtime as much as possible.
  • Don’t Forget About the Furnishings – Are you going to transfer your old office furniture or will you buy new ones? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Reputable commercial moving services can assist you in correctly disassembling, relocating, and reassembling your existing furniture. If you wish to make a change, they can also help you in moving your new office chairs and furniture.
  • Think of Your Employees – Change can be difficult. Minor employee assistance goes a long way. Maintain open lines of communication throughout the process so that they are never caught off guard. Find some innovative techniques to make them feel appreciated during the next stage of the company’s evolution. You could offer them maps of their new commutes, throw a farewell pizza party, or even ask them to help you choose paint colors or conference room names.
  • Consider Cleaning – The act of moving produces dust and trash. Your aforementioned landlords are most likely looking for a clean slate between renters. To save you time (and money), ensure that your business movers can clean up your old space after you’ve moved out and freshened your new one before you move in.
  • Provide an Open House – If it’s appropriate for your company, hold an open house once you’ve established your new location. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet current and prospective clients, investors, and workers. You could even invite your new coworkers. After you’ve celebrated this new chapter in your company’s history, it’s time to get back to work in your new digs!


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This is by no means an exhaustive list. Your company is distinct from the thousands of others in town, so leave the heavy lifting to professional commercial movers. If you have any questions about how to get started on your own moving to-do list, contact us online or give our business movers at Emrick’s Van & Storage a call today!