International Moving Companies’ Tips for Keeping International Moving Costs Low


Professional Tips from International Moving Companies in OKC & Enid, OKInternational Moving Companies in OKC & Enid, OK

Many people that choose to relocate abroad are startled by the costs. But when you include shipping costs, customs charges, and time, overseas migrations are expensive for a reason.

As a leader among international moving companies in OKC and Enid, OK, Emrick’s Van & Storage’s international movers have outlined the expenses of relocating household items internationally and provided recommendations to save money along the way.


Costs to Expect

Moving abroad can easily cost $10,000+. But why so expensive? When moving across foreign borders, certain things raise the cost and time involved.

When determining your international moving costs, consider the following:

  • The weight and distance of the move
  • Insurance and liability coverage, which you’ll need if you’re sending sentimental things
  • Storage fees if you don’t want your shipment delivered right away


Ways to Save Money

The bigger the transfer, the more it costs. Shipping products long-distance increases the cost of moving, so most international moving fees, such as customs tariffs and liability insurance, are unavoidable.

However, there are several places where you may save money. Plan ahead of time and be flexible with timelines so that you can save more on unnecessary international moving charges.


Timeline Extender

International moving companies will move your items in one of two ways:

  1. By sea cargo
  2. Cargo Air

Airfreight is the most efficient but also the most costly means of transport. Shipping household items by sea is the cheapest option, but it takes much longer than air cargo.

Extend your shipment timetable early on to save on transportation charges. Expect your items to arrive in 1-3 months, and you’ll keep the hefty costs of air shipping down.


Organize Items

Weight is a factor in international shipping costs. So, before you start putting together a global estimate, go through your stuff with efficiency in mind.

Beds, entertainment consoles, and tables may all be replaced. You can save money while keeping things you value by letting go of some items. Keep your cargo focused on must-have items like family heirlooms and priceless artifacts.


Pre-Book Movers & Flights

When you book early, you can determine which timelines are the most cost-effective. With availability in mind, you can acquire the best costs and book with your preferred movers.

Booking early also means looking for flight savings. Buying plane tickets close to your moving date can be costly. You may escape the frustration of high ticket prices by booking early and using airfare discount sites.


Avoid Extra Storage

If you aren’t there when your cargo arrives, you’ll have to pay to store it. Storage charges occur every month, so planning your relocation so your items arrive as close to on time as possible will save on storage fees.


Contact Emrick’s Van & Storage

International relocations can be very costly if not planned properly. With so much distance and cost involved, starting early saves money. As always, clear communication with international moving companies can alleviate any concerns you may have. Contact Emrick’s Van & Storage in OKC and Enid, OK, today for more information.