10 Steps to Moving Your Office from Office Movers


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Emrick’s Van & Storage, a leading professional moving company, knows how stressful office moving can be. Trying to run a business while the office is in disarray is not ideal, and no one wants their office closed for days. If you want to plan an office move effectively, you need to know the details. Knowing what is involved can help you plan your move.

Selecting materials for your office move is a case of “better safe than sorry.” Having quality packing supplies on hand will ensure that your move goes off without incident. Collections include bubble wrap, various-sized boxes, bungee cords, zip ties, and markers that are necessary for any move. In addition to the proper materials, we also encourage people to take personal items home to avoid being lost or damaged.

  • Save Yourself and Our Office Movers Time – Remove clutter from your new office by discarding or donating old furniture or other items you don’t need.
  • Prepare – Contact top office movers ahead of time and schedule utility shutoffs. Make a list of everything that has to be done.
  • Box Labels – This simple technique will save you and your employees hours of sorting. Numbering or coloring your boxes will save you time and frustration while moving offices.
  • Clear File Cabinets – Whether in filing cabinets or digitally, sensitive, confidential, or crucial files should be handled with care. You don’t want to lose a vital document or folder; save them safely.
  • Consider – Whatever you do, you’ll need computers or basic technology. One of the biggest worries when moving is IT equipment. Your company’s operations rely on these costly assets. Pack them appropriately or hire an IT specialist to relocate them.
  • Attend to Nothing – A mover must be present. If something goes wrong, you can control it and explain it.
  • Photograph your old and new offices – We highly encourage this. This serves as “evidence” in case something goes lost.


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