A Local Moving Checklist from Movers in OKC & Enid, OK


Professional Movers in OKC & Enid, OK Provide a Helpful Local Moving ChecklistLocal Moving Checklist in OKC & Enid, OK

Are you preparing for a local move in Oklahoma City, OK, or Enid, OK? Moving locally may appear to be a simple task, but it still requires considerable planning and forethought. As professional local movers, we assist with hundreds of moves per year and have created this detailed list to help you become a moving pro!

Emrick’s Van & Storage’s local moving checklist includes everything from comparing local moving companies, to making sure you have everything ready to go.

  1. Determine your overall relocation budget
  2. Request moving and storage estimates for packing boxes, loading, and unloading. Movers can provide an estimate over the phone.  They will base this estimate on what you tell them or show them in a virtual survey.  If you want the mover to pack small items a detailed in-home survey will be needed.
  3. Compare local moving companies based on reviews, reputation, and pricing.
  4. Take inventory of what you will be moving, selling, and donating
  5. Declutter your home! Donate unwanted items
  6. Plan the layout of your new home
  7. Schedule your move with your preferred local mover
  8. Order packing materials–verify if these will be provided by your mover.  Use moving grade boxes that close and shipping tape.  It is NOT recommended to use grocery boxes with openings, duct tape, or painters tape.
  9. Strategize your packing process and label boxes for efficient unpacking
  10. Set any essentials you will need during the transfer into a separate box and label it as “Don’t Take” or put it in your car before the movers arrive.
  11. Change your mailing address at the post office
  12. Transfer your utilities.  Please leave utilities on until the day after the items are packed and loaded.
  13. Arrange a babysitter for children and short-term boarding for pets
  14. Determine a place to park your cars out of the driveway or the front of your home on moving day.  It is important to leave plenty of room for the truck and the movers.

Make sure you don’t neglect anything when you make your next move! This local moving checklist is intended to assist you in planning a stress-free and efficient move.

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