Advice from Office Movers on How to Plan & Complete an Office Move


Tips from Industry-Leading Office Movers on Planning & Completing an Office Move in OKC & Enid, OKOffice Movers in OKC & Enid, OK

Moving your business or office is a lot of work. Because your workplace is made up of people you’ve known for years, it’s critical to keep them informed and involved in the relocation from the start. Here are some actions you can take to plan and finish an office relocation quickly with the help of Emrick’s Van & Storage office movers.


Checklist for Office Relocation

It is critical to keep your move structured and efficient to complete it smoothly. The sooner things return to normal, the sooner your organization can restart operations. Here’s a checklist to help you get through your move with ease:

  1. Secure and locate the location of your future workplace.
  2. Sign your new location’s property lease and have your lawyer evaluate the terms.
  3. Choose a moving date.
  4. Inform your property manager of your plans to relocate.
  5. Inform your employees, customers, partners, and resources of your impending relocation.
  6. Form a team to handle the logistics of the move and communication with office movers.
  7. Make a plan for the move, including when to pack and start working at the new location.
  8. Make a budget for yourself.
  9. Make an inventory of everything in the office.
  10. Discard things you no longer need & think about what improvements can be made to the new office.
  11. Before selecting your movers, contact business movers to obtain various estimates.
  12. Make a reservation for your moving and storage services.
  13. Set up IT services within your organization or with your moving business.
  14. Make a backup of all files.
  15. Change the business address for your firm.
  16. Reconfirm the move with the movers.
  17. Pack your belongings.
  18. Carry out a last walkthrough.
  19. Distribute new company keys and ID cards.
  20. Complete your move-in day by hiring professional office movers!

While this may appear to be a lot, following these suggestions will bring you one step closer to completing your move. Begin planning now to make your move go as smoothly as possible. Simplify your office relocation immediately.


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