Professional Movers’ Tips on How to Pick the Right City


Advice for Choosing the Right City for You from Professional Movers in Oklahoma City, OK & Enid, OKProfessional Movers in Oklahoma City, OK & Enid, OK

Unsure what city to relocate to? Emrick’s Van & Storage can help you find a city that meets your budget, lifestyle, and professional needs. From career opportunities and income possibilities to weather and crime statistics, here are the top tips from our professional movers to consider while relocating.


Picking a City: Things to Consider

  1. Career Opportunities – Before settling on a city, examine your work possibilities and income potential. How’s the work market? Are jobs plentiful? If not, how will you survive? What is the median household and per capita income? Many people move to a new city to get a new job. Others are drawn by the prospect of employment. To find a job in a new city, we recommend researching all local companies that hire in your industry.
  2. Demographics – Single 20-somethings should reconsider moving to a place dominated by married couples and families. If you’re married with kids, you don’t want to live in a city full of singles or college students. So, before migrating to a new city, consider: How old are most residents? Is your age group well represented in the community? Does the city have many families? So, singles? Is it a popular retirement area? Knowing the city’s demographics will help you decide if it’s suited for you.
  3. Living Costs – The cost of living in a city is a major deciding factor. The cost of living should include housing, transportation, groceries, and dining out. The more money you need to earn to live comfortably in your new place, the higher the cost of living. While many high-cost-of-living towns have great work opportunities, cultural activities, and weather, inhabitants must typically compromise on living space whether renting or buying a property.
  4. Local Housing Market – Where is the city’s housing market headed? Is it out of the doldrums? Can you afford a property in a safe area? Are there enough rentals? Is now a good time? Before renting or buying a property in a new city, ask yourself these questions. Before making a move, our professional movers suggest that you speak with a respected and experienced Realtor in the region.
  5. Schools – Do you have children that are in school? If so, research educational opportunities in a new city before relocating. It also helpful to tour schools to learn about their programs and offerings. Before moving with your family, look into local museums, family-friendly learning opportunities, and other cultural events.
  6. Local Weather – Not everyone can withstand extreme cold. However, not everyone enjoys year-round sunshine. Before migrating, research average temperatures, climates, precipitation rates, pollution, and air quality in a city. If your health requires a specific climate, we recommend limiting your search to cities that meet your requirements.
  7. Family & Friends – The importance of moving close to family and friends If this is a priority, we suggest looking at cities near your loved ones. If you’re willing to leave your friends and family behind and start over in a new city, you’ll have more work alternatives. Find out how to meet new acquaintances in a new city here.
  8. Rates of Crime – Crime in cities is inescapable. Anywhere you move, there will be crime. Is the crime rate high enough to cause concern? Before moving, research a city’s crime rate. You should also assess the prevalence of violent or property crimes. Violent crimes often involve murder, rape, and assault. Car theft and burglary are less dangerous crimes. Find out how to study city crime rates here.
  9. Local Amenities – What amenities do you require? From top-rated hospitals and parks to restaurants and public transportation alternatives, amenities are crucial factors to consider while relocating. Make a list of all critical necessities as well as those you could live without but prefer not to. Consider cities that provide the majority of these services and conveniences.
  10. Social & Business Networks – Moving without a job? You may want to pick a city with strong social and professional ties. For example, places having a significant number of alumni should be high on your list. Have friends and/or family in a city? Make a note of it. Moving somewhere with ties is always a good idea, whether socially or professionally.


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