Moving Scam Alert from the Better Business Bureau


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Moving is often a stressful endeavor. When you factor in the possibility of a relocation scam, the situation becomes even worse. To avoid being a victim of a moving scam, conduct thorough research before selecting professional moving companies. These frauds range from missing items to enormous price increases and, in some cases, goods being held hostage in exchange for more money.


How a Moving Scam Operates

There are various types of moving scams. The simplest method is to acquire a quote and leave a deposit, but the “movers” never show up. Another option is for the moving firm to quote a charge depending on weight. They inform you after loading that your items exceeded the weight estimate and that the additional weight would cost much more per pound (sometimes double).

Everything appears to be alright even with the most heinous scheme. The movers give you a quote, show up on schedule, and load your goods onto a truck. However, if the vehicle does not arrive at your new location, your possessions are either lost permanently or held “hostage” and you must pay another price before they will deliver them.


Tips for Identifying a Moving Scam

  • Keep an eye out for symptoms of a fly-by-night operation. Be wary of firm websites that lack an address and provide no information regarding a mover’s registration or insurance. Another red flag is if phone calls are answered with “movers” rather than a corporate name, or if the mover employs rented trucks. Another red flag is when professional moving companies do not perform an on-site inspection but instead provides estimates over the phone.
  • Be skeptical of out-of-the-ordinary solicitations. If a mover requests a substantial down payment or full payment in advance, this could be a red flag. If a corporation says it won’t return your products until you pay more money than you agreed to, contact the Better Business Bureau or local police authorities for assistance.
  • Make a written record of everything. Check licensure with authorities (in the United States, utilize the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s tool to check out interstate movers), validate insurance coverage, and obtain a written contract. Read the contract’s terms and conditions carefully, as well as the liability limits and any disclaimers. Make sure the pick-up and delivery dates are specified, and that you understand how the charge is determined. Don’t pay in cash, and don’t make a significant deposit or prepayment. Understand the insurance policy’s terms and consider obtaining full value protection.
  • Keep an inventory of your possessions. Make a careful inventory of your belongings and number the boxes in which they are packed for tracking purposes. Know that unless there is proved fault on the part of the mover, a mover is not liable for loss or damage to contents in customer-packed boxes.
  • Pose inquiries. Don’t be scared to ask questions if you don’t understand something. If the moving firm cannot or will not answer your queries, you should consider hiring another mover.


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