The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving in Summer


The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving in Summer

Summer is the hottest season, and it just so happens that most people want to relocate or move during this season. Moving during the summer is complex due to the busy schedule of moving companies and the packing and unpacking of your items in the heat. Below are the do’s and don’ts when moving in the summer.

Advanced Booking

When planning to move during the summer, book with professional movers and schedule your move as early as possible. While most people prefer to move on the weekend, major moving companies try to schedule the majority of their moving on weekdays. Although moving can be hectic, early booking helps you ease some stress, and it is the best way to get dates that align with your schedule.

Remain Hydrated

The summer heat can quickly make you drowsy and tired. The heat combined with the hectic activities of packing and moving can cause you to get dehydrated even faster. Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially loading and unloading the truck on moving days. It may also be a good idea to keep a bottle of water with you so that you can refill it regularly.

Pack Slowly

Packing your items in an unsystematic manner increases the chances of your making mistakes. Give yourself enough time to pack your items so that you do not need to rush when packing. Our team of professional movers can assist you in packing as well as loading, unloading, and getting your items to the desired location. Many customers want to save money by packing the small items themselves, but most don’t know the proper packing techniques.  Consider a fragile pack for anything breakable.  It will be worth it.

Make Plans for Kids and Pets

Make it a priority to make plans for the kids and pets. It will help you be efficient when moving. Kids and pets need extra attention when moving which is why it is essential to pack toys and some games for your kids to keep them busy during the moving process. 

Moving during the summer is straightforward when you are prepared and involve professional movers. Emrick’s Van and Storage is here to make your storage smooth and efficient. Contact us today to get started on your move.